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Need others advise on selection of a keyboard here


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I have a main keyboard that is 88 key weighted action etc...I am looking for a second keyboard that is non weighted (76 or 64 key is fine). Main thing looking for is really great organ sounds (Hammond, B3) where possibly using a controller pedal I can control say a leslie sound going in and out. Also a keyboard that would appear easy to look up sounds...used is fine...not just looking for organ sound but overall sounds (don't need piano or guitar sounds).

If the keyboard can have the ability to back up things if needed..I don't need a sequencer etc....

Hopefully that helps enough...in the research phase but don't know where to start so some thoughts here could spark things.



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Welcome to the forum Steve.


First thing . . . . . What is your budget? That generally dictates everything else!


If Hammond sounds are the primary objective, then that would suggest a clonewheel, however the "other" sounds will likely suffer. Typical "other" sounds would suggest you want a rompler, but Hammond patchs are usually the weaker sounds in most romplers.


Can you be more specific in the "other" sounds you're looking for?


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Hi Steve, +1 on what Meisenhower said about budget, but at first glance, since organ sounds are important to you, I'd suggest a Nord Electro 3 in either 73 or 61-key flavours. Solid organ modelling and a well-established and varied sample library of other sounds.


Otherwise, I guess it's rompler time - maybe a Kurz PC361?

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Besides the Nord Electro 3 and Kurzweil PC361 that have been mentioned, the other current possibility would be a Roland VR-700. And soon to be available: Hammond SK-1, Korg Kronos.

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