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Any Utopia fans out there?

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I spent a lot of Thanksgiving holiday going through the old vinyl disks, and rediscovered my Utopia collection. That was Todd Rundgren's band from the late seventies to mid-eighties. What a great band that was! They had their problems (Todd always thought he was a better singer than he really was, and most keyboard solos were just sound effects) but the top-notch songwriting, excellent musicianship, and wonderful call-and-response lead/harmony vocal structures (no Autotune here, these're real guys singing!) really makes me miss them. I had the fortune of seeing them live once, during the intermission Ravel's "Bolero" came over the loudspeakers, and each member of the band would come out on stage, playing a different instrument every time, to take a solo, must've been a dozen different instruments in all! Then, the second half of the show they were playing transparent guitars, strap-on keyboards, and Willie's fantastic, smoke-belching motorcycle drum kit, what a great show. Just found a couple of Utopia concerts on DVD at Amazon, I've ordered them and hope Santa brings me a DVD player! Any other Utopia fans/stories out there?


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