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Customized velocity curves, anyone besides Kawai?


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A nice feature I saw in the Kawai MP5 and MP6 manuals is that you can create custom velocity curves... it prompts you to play from quiet to loud, and then adjusts the touch sensitivity of the board accordingly. Are there other DPs that do this? And does anyone here have any experience to share about how well it works?


This actually picks up from a conversation in the "korg sv1 owners listen to this rhodes" thread. Besides being able to adjust the keyboard to your touch, there would be a benefit if you're using the keyboard to control an external piano sound (another keyboard, a module, a computer), since in those cases, the manufacturer doesn't have the opportunity to tailor the sound specifically to the characteristics of the controlling keyboard (to the extent that any manufacturer does that in the first place, which I don't know about).


BTW, the Numa Nano has a feature for creating custom velocity curves, but it's terrible!

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My Fatar Studio 2001 has he nicest feature I ever tried to create velocity curves. It has a percentage parameter (which goes to 120% for the hardest response), plus an offset parameter, which adds or subtracts a fixed amount to whatever value the first module outputs.


The Numa Nano that I played had an absurd velocity curve set as default. Changing to another preset suddendly gave me a very good 'pianistic' response.



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