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Eon 10 vs Eon10 G2?


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Need some quick advice on JBL's - friend wants to sell me a JBL Eon 10 (not the G2 version) for $200. I'd likely use it for stage monitoring with basic piano, organ, and synth sounds. Is the G2 version significantly better, and is the non-G2 version worth $200?


Advice and guidance appreciated.


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The original was lower power - don't know if the speakers themselves were same or not. My pair of 10G2 are presently in the living room for the family keyboard.

OK just as a monitor, but not able to be heard over a coupld of loud guitarists if used as main amp.

BTW - one problem I had - there is an automatic amplifier protection circuit the G2 has three IC power amps, one for horn, the two for woofer - they automatically reduce output if they get too warm. Course it does protect it, but it is very annoying when the volume just goes away.


I bought one of the G2's a couple of years ago used for $300 - so I would think they might be a bit lower now. Check EBay with Advanced Search to see what the G's have been going for the past coupe of weeks.


For not much more money, I bought used EV SxA 100+ - with a 12" speaker - a lot better sounding.


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