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are there any forums about audio mastering?

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Hello, there's a thread over at Pro Talk (recording.org) but I don't know how good it is - it seems to be a sleepy place compared to Craigs hangout. Also check out Bob Katz' website (digido.com). Tons of accurate and detailed information. /Mats P.S. I cyberspace, there's also an e-mail group for professional mastering engineers with VERY high/deep level on the discussions, but I've got the adress of that one in another computer... sorry.


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What a wonderful excuse for shameless self-promotion! I have just completed a Quick Start guide to mastering for Music Sales, done in cooperation with Wizoo. It should be out at the NAMM show, and it includes a CD-ROM with various useful examples. Check it out. And I second the recommendation for digido.com, in fact I mention it in the book as being a great resource.
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