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GP shootout suggestion


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With the increasing availability of coated electric strings, I'd like to see a shootout comparing all the major brands e.g. Rotosound, D'addario, Elixir, DR, EB, etc...


Also: noise-cancelling strat pickup shootout. All the options: EMG, Suhr BPSSC, Bill Lawrence, Fralin, etc etc.


Also: more jazz, and a retrospective spread on the guitar players of Talking Heads and XTC.....

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Welcome to the GPF, gratefulape; you might also want to copy & paste your suggestions and requests into a post over on the Guitar Player Editors' Office forum, as well- that might get you faster results.


I remember that GP did an excellent article a few years back that covered a lot on XTC's guitarists, guitars, gear, and some album/song/recording particulars. I can't recall which issue- month/year- but it's out there, and that also means that it would be easy enough for them to do an update...


I'm also all for more Jazz content, and a good retrospective article on the Talking Heads, ESPECIALLY covering a lot of their pre-Naked years. Stop Making Sense and everything before it, for me!


"Also: noise-cancelling strat pickup shootout. All the options: EMG, Suhr BPSSC, Bill Lawrence, Fralin, etc etc."


Don't forget Kinman! Not to mention noise-canceling offerings DiMarzio and Seymour Duncan, and Fender's Samarium Cobalt series. -AND- the new Suhr BPSSC system...

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Good ideas for shootouts


I like the coated strings, they just look like a frayed mess on the picking end after one show when I use them. Maybe someone will make some coated but uncoated over the pickups?


I'm a big fan of XTC and Dave Gregory.

he has a cool website here: http://www.guitargonauts.info/


the "pick of the month" section is a trot through his guitar collection with all the of history of the axes.


Sorry I missed a GP story on them/him...


His solo on the XTC song "Real By Reel" is one of the greats. and there's ample live footage on Youtube showing him ripping it out live with little effort.


I just recently learned he did the guitars on one of my fave Peter Gabriel tracks - "I Don't Remember."


Andy Partridge is a great guitarist, too... though he seems to prefer to talk about it as if he has no idea what he's doing and it's all just happenstance.


Love the Talking Heads, and their auxiliary guitarists Alex Weir (Brothers Johnson) and Adrian Belew, I guess Johnny Marr played on some stuff on Naked, too.


Yep, fine ideas for articles, though it seems that GP kind of has to focus on bands that are currently active and have stuff coming out a lot of the time.


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