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Help for a newbie - what keyboard?


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Hello there

I've played piano for many years but have recently joined a band. Moving my big old roland (HP2900G)electric piano around to gigs/practice is a big headache due to its size and weight, so I'm looking for a solution which provides me with the same sort of keyboard quality (touch sensitive, full keyboard etc)but without the weight. Somebody mentioned getting a roland sonic cell then some lightweight input keyboard to go with it, but I really have no idea what's available. I use a selection of the standard piano/organ/clavi etc voices on my current roland. Any help gratefully accepted.

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This is one of the more widely posted topics. You may want to do a search and see what comes up.


There have been many improvements in "keyboard quality" since the days (mid 90's I'm guessing) when your HP2900G was new.


You haven't mentioned budget (as there's a huge spread in prices), so think about what you want to spend. There are some great offerings from Yamaha, Roland, Korg, Nord, Kawai, Casio and others.


Good luck

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Yeah Rhysa,

Need more info. Weighted or unweighted keys, 61 or 88 etc.. Type of music, amplification. Price, as meisenhower mentioned, is probably the biggest factor, though. Post that and you will get good advice here.



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