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Electro-Harmonix V256 Vocoder

Mark Schmieder

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So far, I am more impressed by this unit (and its predecessor, the Vocal Box) than the Roland Vocoder technology currently on offer. I am a huge fan of the old EMS vocoders (my favourites), and one of the people behind that technology was involved in the design of this unit.


Current demos are awful, but I assume the technology is similar to the Vocal Box unit from E-H, which has much better demos.


That earlier unit has some issues with tracking, so the new unit, which is fully dedicated to vocoding, seems a better match than one that is focused mostly on vocal harmonies. I'm not keen on the auto-tune feature in the new model though.


Of special note is the ability to accept a line level signal like a guitar and to function almost like a Talk Box effect.


This unit (and the Vocal Box effect) is only around $210. It will probably satisfy those who were trying to get ahold of Warp Factory before (a unit that was supposed to get revised last year, but the company kept faltering).

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