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This Town-Sinatra;who played the organ part?


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wouldn't there be a roster of session guys that played at Capitol Records around that time?


Yeah, I'm checking for that, but can't find anything about an organist; Bill Miller was the pianist for Ol'Blue Eyes for years... don't hear any piano on the track (not that it's not there, but I don't hear any in the mix), so maybe Bill played organ on that track?


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I'd almost be willing to bet it was Ernie Freeman. Freeman was known to play organ on Sinatra sessions as well as doing a bunch of his arranging through the 60's. One of Freeman's Hammond recordings under his own name surfaced on the Organs In Orbit CD from Capitol's "Ultra-Lounge" series, a pretty cool version of "Ray's Rockhouse."


The organ on the track here certainly sounds like it could be Ernie's playing, I wouldn't be surprised. I'll dig in the Hamtech archives...I remember some discussion a few years back about organ on Ol' Blue Eyes's discs.



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