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XS rack sequencer


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i'm looking for an outboard sequencer for use with the Motif XS rack, mostly for drums but perhaps other instruments also. i'd use a computer but this will be for live performance mostly.


Akai MPC is too expensive. Yamaha QS-3 looks pretty cool. have done limited research so far, any ideas?


something in the $0 - $200 range works best.



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Not a whole lot of outboard sequencers available anymore. I guess because usually they either reside in a workstation or people bring out laptops. And when you do find one, it includes sounds and other features you don't need. You may want to look at something older/used. The Roland Sound Brush SB-55 comes to mind. It's rack mount (half rack), and even comes with a little remote control you can use with it. If you can find one, you could get it on Ebay within your price range.



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