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Half-pedaling on Korg: different from Yamaha/Roland?


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I have some difficulties with controling the half-pedaling on my SV-1. (I did the pedal-recalibrating thing but it didn't change anything.)


I'm quite surprised that on the Korg, the "half-pedaling zone" is so small, compared to a Yamaha P90, for example. In fact, on the Korg, the notes are already totally muted at the mid-course of the pedal, instead of when fully released.


Is it just that each company has its own approach concerning half-pedaling? Or do I have a defective pedal?


(Another question: do you think/know if the other Korg pedal (DS1H) has a harder "touch"? The SV-1's pedal (the same as the SP250, I think) is quite soft to my taste...)


Thanks for your help, guys! :)

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