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Semi-OT: For those of you trying to learn licks from CDs


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Not spam....I didn't make this software, but passing along for those who figure out licks from sound files and videos. I wish I had this 30 years ago.


Thanks to the world of FOSS (Free Open Source Software...thank you Linux), I have been using an awesome freebie to slow down audio tracks while trying to learn new licks. It also works for video including those FLV files you get when you download YouTube files of your favorite guitar players.


And the cool thing is there are versions for Windoze, Mac, and Linux operating systems.


VLC Media Player


I've been saving live band clips of Carl Verheyen's band from his DVDs and catching cool licks using this software. You just keep pressing the << button on the bottom left of the app while you're playing the file until it reaches the speed of about 0.33 on the bottom right of the player and it keeps the same pitch along with slowing the video/audio.


Enjoy. Many times the legally free stuff is good. :thu:

A Jazz/Chord Melody Master-my former instructor www.robertconti.com


(FKA GuitarPlayerSoCal)

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I've been using and recommending VLC, as a replacement for a Windows Media Player, for over a year now. It is fantastic and I highly recommend it. Not only does it have a ton of codecs (which makes it compatible with a ton of file types) and a ton of cool features, but it is also very low on system usage and background crap which means that it's easy on your system; unlike WiMP which is a major resource hog!
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