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Oldies but Goldies (keyboard related)


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I own a number of different keyboards, of different ages. The oldest is my Kuz K2000VP (2000 with 2500 non-kdfx sounds). Normally, this keyboard and a PC2 stay at my church (nice not to have any loadin), but I've put a different keyboard there for a little while because I needed a Glockenspiel sequence for a choral presentation we are doing.


So, the K2000 has been home in my studio. I had a gig tonight with a Country/old time Rock/Gospel/occasional Bluegrass band. I usually use the 2661 or PC3 with this group. Tonight, I decided to just carry the K2000 and amplification.


All I had on the unit was the stock 200 presets and a floppy with the Sweetwater K2000-B3 program. Of course, playing by myself or recording, the old 2000 doesn't sound so good compared to the PC3 (although the Cathrdral Choir on the 2000 still is unsurpassed by later models).


The very pleasant thing tonight was just how smoothly the sounds from the old 2000 blended in with the group. I used mostly the various Rhodes and Wurly programs, a couple of Clav programs, a bit of Rock Piano, and the Sweetwater B3. It sounded GOOD - blended in very well, just raise the CC pedal a bit for any solos during bridges - cut through nicely. Not bad at all for a 15 or 20 year old keyboard. Makes me realize again just how far ahead Kurzweil was.


There's bound to be some others on here that have old gear that mostly sits around, cause it just doesn't sound as good when you play it by yourself. I challenge you to take it out for a gig and see if it brings back that smile you had when you first GASsed for the gear and got it.


Howard Grand|Hamm SK1-73|Kurz PC2|PC2X|PC3|PC3X|PC361; QSC K10's

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I have a 1991-vintage Ensoniq SD1 that I use at church every week plus some additional gigs. The sounds that get the most use are some B3 emulations from Sam Mims at Syntaur plus the Ensoniq-sampled cathedral organ. Some of the pads work well along with some of the woodwind samples. It still sounds great in an ensemble environment. Now if I could only get the aftertouch working again....




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