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Brought out an old friend at rehearsal last night...


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Actually, 3 old friends... the poplar/birch Kanji Mantis, the padauk/kelela Mantis, and the Deluxe85... What the hell... Even the Fender RAD got into the act. We are going to be doing "What's Goin' On" or whatever the name of the song is with Kelly on lead vocals and rhythm guitar (Is there anything that girl cannot do??!!!) and me on lead... Of course, TJ is on bass and Chuck on drums.


I decided to get out the Kanji Mantis just to see if I still have the love for it. I plugged into the Boss ME-50 and that into the Fender Deluxe85 as I left the Bugera home just 'cause I didn't feel like lugging it to church... I can really see now the difference in the shimmer of the cleans of the Bugera and the slight compression of the Fender amp... Still sounds good but not as over-the-top good that the Bugera does. On the song in question, I gave Kelly the Kanji and plugged into the Boss AD-3 acoustic processor and gave her a little reverb and a touch of chorus when plugged into the trusty little Fender RAD for an acoustic vibe... Sounded REMARKABLE! Covered the acoustic just great with no piezo quack! Kelly loved how easy that guitar played and how comfortable it felt... It was her first time playing an electric.


As I said, I brought out the padauk/kelela Mantis witht he GFS mini-PAFs and plugged into the ME-50 now and that into the input of the Deluxe85. I used one of the distortion patches of the ME-50... It had a bit of reverb and chorus along with the distortion (whichever one it was...). That is where it got really interesting in a good way. The tone and the bloom and harmonics pulled from that without even trying was absolutely inspiring!!! I had dimed the guitar pots using both pickups and it was rediculously responsive... Its balls had balls! Sustain would bloom in such a controlled way that it was almost as surgical as high-end post-processing... Even a technique-challenged player like me could call on it wherever it was wanted! That is one of the reasons for my pick in the solid-state amp shootout (on another forum)... It made for a true holy shazzit night! Big smiles all 'round! I actually sounded like a lead player... That just doesn't happen! It is amazing how your tone and confidence in it can improve you as a player... Just had to share! Yeah, I would have loved to see what I could have done with the tubes, but everything worked so well that I have a hard time invisioning it much better than I had it last night... :)


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