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Good guitarist are a pleasure to play with

Ross Brown

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Last nights gig was good. Good crowd and we all played well.


At one point a couple of enthusiastic ladies were dancing and we had finished a song. The drummer, whose eye had been drawn to their dancing wanted them to keep going... He started a funky drum beat just out of the blue. I joined in and then the guitarist joined in. We was just a making it up (cool in its own right) but I for some reason didn't like the key I had started in and slipped up a half step. I watched the guitarists hands. He slipped right up with me, about a half a measure later. Good ear....


It is a pleasure to play with guys like that.


(Next week I'll probably bitch about someone in the band so I thought I ought to say nice things when they happen...)

"When I take a stroll down Jackass Lane it is usually to see someone that is already there" Mrs. Brown
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Mind you, he's probably in a guitarists' forum complaining about bass players who arbitrarily change keys without warning and just expect the rest to keep up with them...! :D


...and rightly so. Who needs that? :rimshot:

Always remember that you�re unique. Just like everyone else.




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