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RIP Les Paul


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RIP Mr. Paul.

Now the two most influential men in modern North American music are dead (the other being Leo Fender)

Ask not what your guitar can do for you, rather ask you can do for your guitar without provoking a divorce or a visit from the police.

- with profound apologies to JFK

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Well, there's not much I can say about LP as a musician, record producer or inventor that others haven't.




I would like to mention a way he, or his life, directly affected me & undoubtedly others...but in a way you might not expect.


As a child, in the mid-1950s, I broke my left arm smack through the elbow, totally mangling the joint. My father, fairly well-off & with connections to some of the best doctors in Detroit, had them set & reset the fracture several times.


Finally they determined it would have to be left "frozen" in position.


My father, however, knew of work done by some doctors in Chicago following the accident that LP had suffered years earlier & had them flown to Detroit to work on my arm, which was successfully set to allow full mobility (though it still has an alarming angle when held "straight").


Later, as my musical aspirations developed, that made it possible for me to become a guitarist.


Sometime our lives affect others in ways we never know.


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I am saddened by his passing, and sorry that I hadn't gotten to go see him perform down in NYC yet.


He was one of those that made our world as we know it possible, and yet was also still one of us. :cool: I always felt like I kinda already knew him; it was his personality coming through his music, appearances, interviews, everything he did.


I can so easily imagine him making jokes about his own passing, were he here!


(Sorry, somehow I didn't even see this thread when I burst in here, so to speak, when I'd first gotten the news, and posted that other thread about this... )

Ask yourself- What Would Ren and Stimpy Do?


~ Caevan James-Michael Miller-O'Shite ~

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I am saddened by his passing, and sorry that I hadn't gotten to go see him perform down in NYC yet.


Me too...


I've been meaning to see Les Paul since about 1987 or so but always managed to say... "Oh, I'll get to his show next week". Well next week lasted for over 20 years but no longer. Back then he played at Fat Tuesdays and recently at the Iridium(?). I'm so sorry I did not make more of an effort.


LP...Thank you for all you've shared with us. RIP







"Spend all day doing nothing

But we sure do it well" - Huck Johns from 'Oh Yeah'

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