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Wood keyboard stands ?


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Anyone know where I can find a nice wooden keyboard stand, like for use in a church with a couple of electronic keyboards? I know I can make one, or use an old acoustic piano shell, etc. but I was searching for a company that had them ready-made. Google searches for "wood keyboard stand" mostly comes up with "Do It Yourself!". Help?
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I guess the best bet is to find a furniture maker to do it for you.


But it's an interesting topic.


Would an average modern KB (plastic, knobs, shiny screens) look good on a wooden stand?


Have you seen the new Roland Classic series?


What about making a controller keyboard in a nice wooden shell, and placing it on a wooden stand?

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I'm thinking of a wooden stand that would completely house the "shiney keyboard" (not a stand to just set it on, ala a Casio keyboard stand). Paul McCartney uses one for his digital piano that looks like an upright piano. I've also seen them made for dueling pianists ("slam grands"). I could even break down and just make a three-panel facade around my regular stand/keyboard but I thought I'd see if anyone made a real wood keyboard stand first.
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