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SWR Mo Bass - Interstellar Overdrive


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I own a Mini Mo' which is the preamp only version of the Mo' Bass. The overdrive section isn't the same as the Interstellar Overdrive and I wish it was. The best bits of the Mini Mo'/Mo' Bass are the synth and octaver. Both are fabulously wonderful and I wish like all hell SWR would release the synth section as an individual effect pedal.


IOD's are more difficult to find since most people that own them aren't selling them. They're great preamps.

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I once owned the IOD...excellent piece of gear.


Nastiest and fattest tube distortion ever..and you can turn it on / off via footswitch - OR - by using a foot pedal (like a wah wah pedal)can adjust to the desired amount of OD and then right back to a clean sound..a great feature...

Its a nice sounding pre as well....



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