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Hi gang...


Sorry for the delay on posting photos and all from the Nashville NAMM show.


Some of you may be aware that we've posted a few pix on Facebook and Twitter, but I'm sure most of you are waiting for the photos to be shared more globally on the GP Web site. We should have the reports by me, Art Thompson, and BASS PLAYER's Jonathan Herrera uploaded mid-day or so on Thursday, July 23.


We experienced some glitches with our content-management system while we were in Nashville, which made it impossible to upload photos. We could have posted a few text comments, but we know that most of you gear-obsessed players like to SEE the new goodies, so -- expect for the Facebook and Twitter postings -- we decided to wait until gp.com was ready to rock. Happily, we got all of that stuff worked out on Wednesday, so bear with us -- you'll see everything very soon.


Thanks for your patience and understanding.


As for the vibe of the show itself -- it wasn't all gloom and doom. Even though major manufacturers such as Gibson, Fender, and Marshall passed on this show, there was still a reasonable and enthusiastic amount of traffic. It WAS weird that NO ONE was on the convention center's second floor (which is usually packed with booths) or spread out in the hallways (which are usually packed with booths), but the main room was bustling.


Obviously, times are going to be tough for a while. Some manufacturers have suffered cutbacks, or are being cautious with their marketing budgets, and such stances adversely affect the number of ads placed in GUITAR PLAYER, GUITAR WORLD, and every other major-circulation magazine, typically resulting in smaller issues, and so on.


Happily, there WERE new products released at SNAMM (check the photo reports when they go live tomorrow), so there will be lots of cool gear to write about and lust after the rest of the year.


Be sure to let us know what you think about the reports, as well as your thoughts on any new releases.




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HEven though major manufacturers such as Gibson, Fender, and Marshall passed on this show...


DAMN, Sam!!


...there was still a reasonable and enthusiastic amount of traffic. ...the main room was bustling.


Well, that's good... and hopefully good enough for a while... but, good. See also my comments regarding old friends and ardent veteran show-goers on the last REEVES GABRELS' TOUR BLOG-thread

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