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Stopped in at GC today...


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...and tried out the Vox Night Train. I looked around for an AC4TV, and didn't see one. But I did see a Night Train plugged into a Marshall 2x12, and hooked up a 2 'bucker guitar.


That sucker ROCKS!


It's got crunch for days, but even set for a clean tone, it's plenty loud for a club gig. It's a bluesrocker's dream, but a metalhead's nightmare; even with the middle control all the way off and the bass & treble all the way up, it doesn't have that sneery, scooped mid tone in it. Put a good boost pedal in front of it and you're gonna be all set for 70's Zeppelin/ZZ Top tones. I didn't hear much Brian May in it, oddly enough. But I didn't really get to piddle for very long.


I did notice that the clean tone didn't have much sparkle. It was kinda on the dull side, to tell the truth. But if I had more time, I might have been able to coax a bit more brightness out of it. It has a Bright/Thick switch, and I kept it on thick for the most part. But the crunch tones were fine enough to more than make up for any lack in the clean tones.


The black & chrome color scheme didn't really float my boat. I kinda wish they had come up with something that had a bit more flash to it. What with the "Bogen Challenger" look they have going on with it, a blue or even green metallic base and a lighter-colored cover would have been cooler, I think.


The GC price is $499, and that may be a bit steep for what seems like a one-trick pony, but I'll bet they sell pretty well.

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I tried one a while back, and found it noisy and squealy - don't remember what cab or axe I used, but I couldn't dial it in worth a damn, but only had a couple minutes with it.
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"...the "Bogen Challenger" look..."




I prefer to think of it as akin to the Ampeg "birdcage" aesthetic... ;):D


If it's even remotely anything like the Orange Tiny Terror in its dynamic-response, then it's a prime candidate for the "play-the-amp" approach, cranking the amp's volume with the guitar's volume-control rolled back, and adjusted to taste for going from cleaner to meaner to screamer tones.

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