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help with novation remote SL decision --25mk2 or 37?


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Hi Folks,


I am trying to decide between the new remote 25sl mark 2 and the 37 key remote sl.


I mostly play stringed instruments. After years of twiddling with the mouse and keyboard to control soundbeds, I've decided to take the plunge and buy a desktop keyboard that will also control plugins.


I've had a year's piano lessons, so I'm pretty terrible but can make basic chords and already know music theory.


I'm keen on the Novation automap technology (and understand its limitations).


What I can't figure out is: how much does 37 key matter as opposed to 25, and how much do touch sensitive knobs or light-up led rings around the knob (both features on the mark2 but not the original) really matter? Which is likely to be more important for someone who is mostly doing pads and 1-shots, along with lots of knob twiddling on arpeggiators and plugins?


Any insight would be appreciated.


Many thanks.

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Sorry, I don't know what the 25sl is -- can you mention a brand name?


Personally, I'd never go less than 73 keys, but I'm a piano player. Still, 2 octaves is pretty limiting. There are even a number of vocal lines you couldn't play without transposing them closer to the middle of the keyboard. For example, I think there would be about 6 keys you couldn't play "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" in, if I'm hearing it right in my head.


I suspect the idea of the light-up LED rings is so that when you change to a preset controlled by the computer, you can see the settings on the knobs, rather than "flying blind". I can see that as being very useful, with the right software setup, though I don't know what that setup might be. For example, if you're learning to control a virtual analog synth, knobs are WAY better than digital patch entry, and it really does help to see where the knobs are. But, that's assuming you can get the system set up to actually work -- mapping the MIDI controller numbers etc, and then knowing what knob does what function at a glance.


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