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Simple Tool Needs Kurzweil Help

Ed Stanley

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OK, I have a Kurzweil PC1 and I wish to use it occasionally to trigger sounds from a NE2. So I assign the NE2 to receive MIDI on channel 2 and select a "Setup" on the Kurz to transmit on channel 2. I select the Setup in question and, voila, I'm playing the NE2 Wurltzer from the Kurz but when I exit the Setup it continues to send MIDI to the Nord and nothing short of pulling the MIDI cable stops it. This is probably all explained in the manual but it makes no sense to me. Is what I am or am not doing too obvious?
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This is a bit of a guess (I have a PC3 & PC2, but not a PC1 - I think you will need to set an "exit value" on the setup that you have created to transmit on channel 2 - so that the MIDI transmission is returned to channel 1 (or whatever channel you are using for internal sounds. Presumably, somewhere in the Setup you are using, MIDI is being switched from another channel to channel 2; it also needs to be switched BACk when leaving that setup.


You will probably have to Edit your setup and look through the various choices to find the MIDI transmit value. I know this can be done in setups on the PC3, haven't tried it on the PC2.


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