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Anyone using Roland VP-550 or 770?


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Was impressed by the Don Lewis demos of the 550 on youtube, and the 770 looks like a not-unsubstantial update. Still a lot of money for what could turn out to be a trivial addition to a rig. Just curious if anyone's actually used one of these in real life work - no mention I can find in any thread.
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Yep I use the one in the V-Synth GT which is actually better than both VPs as its more editable and allows linkage with the other synth stuff.


I think, at least the GT version, sounds better than the old VC-2 card (which was the same as the VP550 more or less)...


I tend to use it more as a way to demo my songs with some kind of vocal melody rather than out live... and its a brilliant addition for that reason. I have had some jazz guys play it and it has sounded ace and pretty out there...


But I have to confess... $1999 is about x2 too much... it isn't something you can use all the time... and the basic voices do tend to tire you after a while... I wish it was a bit more wide ranging but the basic timbre doesn't change much...

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My conclusions exactly. Ironically, I reached those conclusions while researching the VP770 a few hours ago today, and deleted all the links and threw out all the printouts once I had reached my conclusion. Nevertheless, you can find the YouTube demos easily enough via Google, as well as the UK Press reviews (positive).


My recollection is that the updated model corrects some of the flaws of the original, such as no patch memory. It also embeds the Supernatural Brass card, if that matters to you. In the end, I concluded this board would be worth about $700 to me max. I simply wouldn't use those sounds that are unique, enough to warrant it vs. the V-Synth, and the Kurzweil PC3 covers some of the territory better (but not the vocal input filtering).


Just for kicks, I also gave a listen to early demos of TC Helicon's upcoming new pedalboard for vocal harmonising and vocoding etc., and found the current audio demos sonically unacceptable and lacking in detail (the Yamaha PLG100-VH board sounds better to me both for harmonising and vocoding), but it's probably a reflection on the hokey demo artist and bad MP3's.

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