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Chris Morrison, Ed Van Halen's Tech


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I wanted to give some publicity to Chris Morrison, who is currently on tour in support of Van Halen.


I had the chance to meet Chris when he conducted a backstage tour at the recent Van Halen show I attended in Oakland, CA. Chris comes across as a friendly, low key guy. As I got to know him, it was clear that the low key exterior hides a avid "Tone-a-holic", who knows good tone, and importantly, knows how to get it!!


I asked him all kinds of questions during the tour. You could tell he appreciated questions from someone who knows a little about guitars and amps. He answered each and every question patiently. It was very informative, and an educational experience for me.


After thr tour, and just before the warm up band began, I happened to run into Chris. I had such a great conversation with Chris, that I missed the warm up band, except for their last song. No insult intended to that band, but I'm sure glad to have run into Chris. We had a great chat!!


Chris has done several tours for major artists, and has worked designing rigs for many others. If Ed Van Halen hired him, you know that Chris has what it takes, and then some!


Here is a link to Chris' web site. It's a bit dated, as he's been on the road a lot of late;




Here's Chris' MySpace page;




BTW.....I have no financial link to Chris. I just met him last Saturday.


But, I did mention that I had a couple of amps around the house, and was wondweing if he could come up with a switching system for me so that I could play a bunch of them, separately, and simultnaeously....... :)


I'm pretty sure he's plenty busy right now, however. Ed and Wolfie need him... :rawk:



"There once was a note, Pure and Easy. Playing so free, like a breath rippling by."






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