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great Zeppelin covers by a great Detroit band


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These guys play every Tues right near me usually with a nice audience. I don't go that often but every once in a while. The guitarist Bobby East is incredible. He doesn't just do this, I mean he can really mix it up with thier originals too. He is the new guitarist with Kid Rock I guess according to some Youtube clip.


Awesome tone, I think it is a Naylor with a 15 inch speaker. The whole band is awesome though. Sorry not to mention them. AMAZING live.

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These guys are great to watch... Much better than just a perfect note for note cover...

Watching that clip brings me back to my teenager years in the late '70s when Led Zep cover bands like these guys were around in droves... remember a band called Zebra?


Check out the same band with a Black Sabbath medley... The second song is The Wizard...nice! Looks like he's using a newer Marshall half stack.. maybe a DSL or a Vintage Modern???









"Spend all day doing nothing

But we sure do it well" - Huck Johns from 'Oh Yeah'

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Yeah I have heard he uses different amps. I have only seen him with the Naylor which sounds nice. This sounds great. But I like him better tone wise with a strat. Just my taste.


For this song my buddy Brad Johnson's band does it cooler. Brad is a monster. I am not going to compare him to Bobby East, they are both Gods but Brad has a better tone.

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