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T-Rex Room-Mate tube reverb pedal...anyone?


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Some of you may recall...I've been on a Delay and Reverb unit hunt...well, more Reverb than Delay.

I got one of the DOD FX96 Analog Delay Pedals...and it's OK...but the delay times are just too short for what I wanted.


For Reverb, I was recently checking out the T-Rex Room-Mate online...and reading some of the reviews (all positive).

The sound samples on their website sound pretty darn sweet...it has that very lush, deep reverb that I'm looking for.


This is a parallel FX unit, half analog/half digital. The input signal is split and both Wet & Dry go through the tube stage....but the Dry signal never touches the A/D/A converter, only the Wet.


I was wondering if anyone here has actually tried one.

It's seems a bit pricey for a pedal...but then, looks like a lot of pedals are getting awful pricey these days! :)


Anyway...I'm still looking for a front-end reverb solution for my THD Flexi...and so far, this one looks the most interesting.

It's not as flexible as say, the H&K Replex, which also has tape delay sims...but comparing the sound samples of their reverbs, the T-Rex has a much better sounding reverb IMO.

Im also looking at some of the Fender tube reverb units, and similar...but the idea of a small pedal instead of another unit to carry, appeals to me. :thu:






miroslav - miroslavmusic.com


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I have no more knowledge of the T-Rex Room-Mate than you do, miro... but...


...Uhmn... veering sideways, topically, sort of...


My friend and yours, "Teahead", recently got an Eventide Timefactor. I think it does some reverb effects (possibly based on its multi-tap delay capabilities?), as well as various echo, delay, looping, and modulation effects; and though it's digital, it sounds fabulous. You may recall what a boutique/analog/vintage-&-vintage-style fiend Teahead is. The Timefactor actually compares very favorably with his vintage, refurbished Ibanez AD-80!


Teahead really likes it, and he sent me some great looping mp3 clips he made, that sound incredible. I think it's fair to say that playing around with the Eventide Timefactor inspired him creatively!

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Yeah...I'm sure the Eventide sounds sweet...but I don't want a pedal that converts the entire signal to digital.


I have some really nice racked digital verbs in my studio, but those are used at mixdown, and the processing is done in parallel. It's a split/Aux out to the verb...and then back to the mixer. The dry signal never touches the verbs.

The T-Rex pedal works that way too. Plus I'm sure the tube stage adds some nice drive to the guitar signal before it hits the amp input.


miroslav - miroslavmusic.com


"Just because it happened to you, it doesn't mean it's important."

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