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What you need to drive your neighbors insane,a 600 watt amp!


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I would just LOVE to sit that thing outside my house....get a long cord and walk into my house and start jamming on the guitar!


Just think....that model was ONLY a half stack! Can you imagine how tall a full stack would be? You would literally have to get a ladder and climb up on it to reach the controls. No joke....the guy in the video was reaching up to get to the controls on the half stack. Imagine how tall or loud a full stack would be.


I figure it would take about 30 seconds MAX for some neighbor to come over and complain about the noise....and this would be in the daytime!! LOL!

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A long time ago...when I was much younger and stupider (ahhhhh, those were the days :) ) I owned a large 3-way PA system that my band usedthe amps, x-overs and cabs (the 24-channel mixer was owned by the drummer).

These were 18" Cerwin Vega bottoms with 12" mids and huge fiberglass horns.

Let's just say, it had a lot of kick! ;)


WellI use to have some neighbors who would have these late night parties from time to time, and they would keep everyone up in the areainto the wee hours.


I got so pissed one time ('cuz I needed my sleep)...that I dragged out the PA and faced it into their property (no one was at my house but me, and no one could see, 'cuz I had HUGE evergreens surrounding my house).

And then I cranked it all the way up, and blasted them with some real punchy music. Can't remember what I played, but it sounded like an A-Bomb had just detonated!

It only lasted for like...a minute...and then I quickly shut it down.


There was dead silence at my neighbors...and all you could hear in the distance was the police sirens as they approached...MY NEIGHBORS HOUSE!!! :grin:

(I quickly and quietly dismantled the PA and dragged it into the garage.)


They didn't have anymore loud late-night parties after that... :thu:

miroslav - miroslavmusic.com


"Just because it happened to you, it doesn't mean it's important."

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