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multi effects pedals


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Don't shout.


It's nice & quiet here.






Try that.


Mostly good.


Come back & discuss when you've read them.



"When the power of love overcomes the love of power the World will know Peace": Jimi Hendrix


The Geoff - blame Caevan!!!

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i was wondering if anybody has the BOSS ME 50B. I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW BEFORE I SPEND $300 IF IT IS A QUALITY BUY. thanx


It appears as though your keyboard is malfunctioning. The 'caps lock' key seems to get stuck in random inappropriate places. I'd invest money in a new keyboard before buying the ME 50B.

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I have one for a few years.

Its very well made..there are some very useful effects and there are some really strange useless effects...which are all adjustable... I like the sound hold feature...

I have not had any problems with it...its very easy to operate...get the AC adapter and the carrying case..it burns up the batteries... I use it with headphones often...



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