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Another Dave Liebman clinic

Phil W

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Citing a list of notable soprano saxophonists from Sidney Bechet to Wayne Shorter, Liebman goes farther, mentioning Kenny G. "The truth is that if you have an individual sound on your instrument, you have won the game. Regardless of idiom or style, it's something to be recognized and respected. It's something to strive for."



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""Storytelling. This is what we do," he explains over the sustained applause of a wowed audience. "The job of a good jazz group is to take the listener on a voyage. That means tension and release, and flow,"he adds.


"A beginning, middle, and end, but not something that's always expected," he explains, slipping into the mind of a listener. "Ah, they're going to get loud now. You know what? You're wrong. We're not going to get loud now. There'll be a drum solo soon No, it's bass, instead," he says, smiling at bassist Tony Marino." - Liebman

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