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Learning the keyboard


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I just got a Behringer 61 key midi keyboard, and now want to learn how to play it ! :P What is the best way to learn how to play the keyboard ? I've just been messing around using gutair pro with the tab and fret board off, and keyboard on and learning to play by hitting the highlighted keys lol...probably not the best way to learn hey.


I'm guessing i should probably start with music theory, so I can read sheet music, but where to go from there ? Is there particular playing styles to learn/rules on which fingers should be used to play which notes ?


Any advice or tips for a newbie greatly appricated.

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I've also been wondering what is the best way to go about learning keyboard. I compose music, but I definitely need to strengthen my playing skills A LOT.


MrMark, you're on the right track that you bought a keyboard in the first place. I guess it all comes down to doing what YOU like and knowing who you are as a composer/musician. There's always tons of critiscm, but keep on doing it no matter what. Sorry that I don't have any good tips for you, but I'm on the same boat as you right now. lol

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start with learning scale patterns for both hands, as scales are what melodies and solos are based off of, the first ones you start with will probably be C Major, G Major, D Major, F Major and then some natural minor A minor, D minor, E minor, B minor. once you get those down go for the harder ones with more sharps and flats. you will see finger numbers to use to play each note of these scales in succession, this will give a good hint at what fingers play what notes


Then learn how to construct triad chords, major, minor, augmented, and diminished. and apply this to the scales you learn aka what chords fit with what scales.


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