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Korg M3 Genius Needed...


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Hi Guys


I'm just setting up my M3 for a new gig and basically the way I run all my boards is that they are each a MIDI controller (Nord Stage, Oberheim and M3). They each output on Ch 1 into my 8in/out interface on the laptop. Then I use routing and layering software (Forte) on the laptop to then send the signal out to whichever sound source I require on each board. This way I can have any sound on any board at any key range etc so its very flexible.


This works fine for ALL boards I've ever had but I'm having problems with the M3.


Basically what I thought I'd be able to do is run it in Combi mode and have timbres 1-8 available for whichever sounds I want in that patch (layering sounds by using the same MIDI channel on certain timbres and different channels to gain seperation), then using Timbres 9,10,11,12 set to EXT transmitting on channels 1,2,3,4 respectiveley. This would allow me 4 layers of MIDI output, and with local control off I wouldnt here any sounds unless I routed things appropriately in the laptop perfect!


HOWEVER!! The M3 has buttons to turn each timbre on and off on the fly (MIXER mode timbres 9-16 page) and these do not make any difference for the EXT timbres. So if I have 4 EXT timbres (ch's 1,2,3,4) then it permanently transmits on all 4 and turning the timbre off makes no difference, the only way to achieve what I want is to be in EDIT mod when performing and knock the channel transmit number for EXT up and down as required.


This is really bugging me and I can't see why it would be deliberate in the OS but wondered if I'm missing something since if it worked then powerful external zoning would be possible? Hope this made sense to people!


Thanks, Pete


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At the moment I don't have the M3 attached to a keyboard so I can't test. I can only suggest some things you might try. Check out Seq mode. When using the Mixer in Seq mode there is a BOTH selection for both internal and external. That might work. The other thing I was thinking, back in Combi mode, is to set up the switches using a EXTERNAL template to switch VOL # 7 on/off for each channel. This might not be what you're looking for though. I don't see a waty you can stop transmission in normal Combi mode.



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Seq mode will possinley do the trick but will leave me with the worse problem of patch management, in that in a few months I will end up having more than the 100 song spaces available. And with the volume thing - thats going to cause polyphony to vanish quickly and thats not something the M3 has bags off...sadly!


Thanks - any more ideas? Pete

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