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Roland GW Interactive Workstation


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What's the story on this board? Is the sound quality up there with the XP series even? Does anyone have any hands on experience with this board that they would be willing to share?


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If you mean the GW-7, I had one and sold it. It packs a lot of sounds for the money, certainly, though don't expect miracles from the "acoustic" patches. It's two main shortcomings are the dearth of instantly-selectable patch memories (eight buttons, as I recall) - otherwise you're back with using the selector wheel, and the auto-accompaniment thing is pretty useless for anything other than very simple songs and chords. Roland may call it a "workstation" but don't expect a Motif or Tyros-like experience. However if you want a cheap and ready source of a lot of sounds, it may be worth a look.

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