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Bear Creek & Little Feat - more pics


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Well, I made it to Live Oak, Fl and hung out for a couple of days with old friends. Between the trip and the COLD, I was down for the count for playing so I played sound tech helping Feat's new monitor tech with the board. Once I was done setting that up, I was down in the hospitality trailer until show time.


2 hours and 10 minutes of kick butt Little Feat. If you made the show, I was on stage left and right all night and a few times behind Bill Payne's Leslie. I cut loose with my digital camera and took over 300 pics. I have to do some editing. I'll have about 50 to 75 keepers.


They had been off for 1 month prior to last night. No sound check. They sounded better than ever. Even their road manager was dancing! Now that is a sight!


I did get a lot of work done with my new producer and guest keyboadist for Spot Check Billy.





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Same here... I must've been napping! :freak:


Sorry you had to sit out but how cool to hang with your buddies... especially when they're in a moderately famous band. ;):D


Glad you had a good time despite the cold and your other health issues.

It's easiest to find me on Facebook. Neil Bergman




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