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It's a funny old life ... Washburn v Bartolini

The Geoff

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Without getting into complicated stories, I ended up with a 5 string MM Bartolini pickup looking for a bass.


I got a Washburn Bantam RB2005 off eBay for a very decent price and immediately replaced the stock pup with the Bart.


I liked it - warm bass and plenty of highs even in series, and I like the Bantam too - Buzz Feiten system, 2 band pre and thru'body stringing. A narrow neck too, which suits my small hands and easy to play.


However, on re-evaluating my gear, I decided that I'd keep my Hohner B bass, my Hohner JJ and my Westone Thunder III Fretless & sell the other 5.


I put the stock pup back on the Bantam and was immediately knocked out by how well defined the 'B' string sounded.


Overall, the stock Washburn pup lacks the warmth & depth of the Bart, but the Bart isn't nearly as well defined on the bottom strings.


Decisions, decisions.........



"When the power of love overcomes the love of power the World will know Peace": Jimi Hendrix


The Geoff - blame Caevan!!!

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