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Query on Promega 3 operational use


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I finally got my PM3 back after 14 months in repair... only to find it still had the same problem...




If I unplug the PM3 from the mains it will not start up correctly once it is replugged back in. I get a blank screen and I'm forced to do a system reboot (i.e. press the standby button and power on at same time). Is this the correct usage of the PM3? It seems very odd to me...


It seems that the PM3 does not keep its OS in memory after powering down which seems to indicate a battery problem.


I also get a WCKS: BD message sometimes... no idea what it means but it means I have to press standby and power on again..


also can someone remind me how to find out the OS version?

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Hmm.. this seems to ring true...






For normal daily use, you need only use the STANDBY button to turn the unit on or off. If you are planning to leave the instrument unused for a longer period, (say, two or three days) ****Remark: the Promega manual says "overnight" here****, then it is better to shut it down using the main power switch.




The Genesys contains an internal re-chargeable battery which is used to retain the contents of its memory while the unit is switched off. If the unit is left switched off for more than about 3 days, the battery will discharge completely and the contents of the memory will be lost.


Each time you switch the instrument on, it checks to see if the battery is charged and if the contents of the memory are still available. If not, a message will be displayed and the instrument will proceed to reset itself by loading a fresh copy of the operating system from the internal hard disk.


This operating system will then remain in the instruments memory as long as the internal battery is sufficiently charged. To completely charge the internal battery, the unit should be left on for around 16 hours. After this the battery should remain charged for normal daily use.



Do any other PM3 owners suffer from battery problems?


Seems like if its not turned on for a few days then you need to reboot the sounds into the RAM right? But becuase something is wrong with my battery its doing it after a few mins?



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I seem to remember reading somewhere that the unit needs a long time on (something like 15 hours) for the battery to charge initially. After that it will retain it's charge with a couple of hours use per day.


Sorry, I can't remember where I read it and I'm not even 100% sure it was the PM3 I'm remembering.

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The internal battery is charged when the Mains power switch on the back panel is turned on; this is true when the instrument is being played and even when it is in Standby mode. Therefore the best maintain a good battery charge is use the Standby button to shut the Promega 3 down but leave the Mains A/C plugged in. Of course when moving it this is not possible, but a fully charged battery should last for several (5-7) days.


If the battery does completely discharge, on the next power-up, the operating system, reference samples and physical models will be decompressed from a back-up and re-installed into working memory.


To check the O/S version, with the instrument turned on, press and hold the SPLIT P. button and press the TUNING '+' button one time. This will display the O/S version. Subsequent presses of the TUNING '+' button will display the data files that are currently loaded.


ADDED: I am pretty sure the BD BATTERY was indicating a fully discharged battery but I will check into it and let you know what I find out.


Best Regards,




Best Regards,



Wm. David McMahan

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Thanks Dave,


The msg was WCKS-BD and BATT-OK so battery would seem to be okay.


To be clear, if the battery is discharged, on start up the PM3 should automatically reload from flash? I'm pretty sure I had to force a reboot otherwise I would have a screen full of squares and no sound.




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OK I've just switched it on after a night unplugged and it wouldn't boot...


After several attempts at turning on with the front button pushed it finally kicked into life. As you might imagine I'm very frustrated by this...


I'm thiking about getting a new battery, but I don't know exactly what to get. It seems the (tagged) battery specified is 3.6v (i.e. 1.2v x 3) 1200MAH NI-MH. Looking at the connection to the board it seems to have 4 wires so I guess I'd reuse the same wire rather than use the standard 2 wire setups you get with tagged batteries packs... (i.e. cordless phones, etc.)

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