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Phil W

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David's blog is a mine of great stuff and he has his latest CD available there (completely to download).


Here is a neat article to give you an idea:


"Bob Mover's ii- V7 subs



These subs were from my very first post, so they were buried way back in the archives. They're so hip I thought I should present them again. You can blow over these subs while the rhythm section is plays a standard ii-7 V7 Imaj7.




ii-7 V7 chord substitutions-



/G-7 / C7 /F maj7/




/ Ab melodic- / Db melodic- /F


/G-7 Ab7#11 / Db maj7 Db mel- /F


/Ab-7 / G mel- Db mel- /F


/G-7 Ab-7 / Gbmaj7 Db mel- /F


/B dim / Bb dim /F


/G-7 Bb-7 / Db-7 /F


/Ab-7 Db7 / Db-7 Gb7 / F


/Ab-7 Db7 / Bb-7 / F


/Ab-7 Db7 / Bb-7 Db-7 /F


/Ab mel- / Bb mel- / F


Thanks Bob!



posted by David Valdez @ 12:17 AM"



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Is your hair getting shorter and is there a crease in your trousers (pants)? Do you find yourself leaving the house with an anorak?


I'm a little concerned that you might be turning into a keyboard player?








Just pulling your plonker. We need to get together soon.





"We will make you bob your head whether you want to or not". - David Sisk
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