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D'Addario Copper Strings?

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Last night, I was rummaging around in a box where I keep my spare strings and found an incomplete set of something called "D'Addario XLReds" which are copper coated strings and, apparently, are not made anymore.


I vaguely remember buying them, some years ago, and much against my better judgement. I never used them. And now, because it's an incomplete set, I don't see much point in putting the remaining strings on.


Being an incomplete set, I wouldn't get a proper idea of the sound, you see? And I have no idea whether they'd sound any good with either phosphor bronzes or (at a pinch), nickel coated strings.


So... has anyone ever used these things? What did you think of them? And why did they stop making them?

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Yeah, I've only got TWO strings from that set, so there's no way I could sell them on eBay. Trying to find a full set (again in eBay) might be interesting though.


It's nice to see that, for once, I have something that nobody else does! ;) Even if it's just two strings! :grin:

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