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Just done my subscription


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Finally I've done it, no more paying £3.99 for my favourite mag.


Thanks phil your publicity made me do it. :D


Each mag will come out less than £1.70


That means that I have at home like 20 BP lossing £2.30 on each one arghhhhhhhhhhh that would be two years worth of subscription and two pints :deadhorse:


You won't get fooled again........




"And then the magical unicorn will come prancing down the rainbow and we'll all join hands for a rousing chorus of Kumbaya." - by davio



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I'm also fixing to resubscribe. I was a subscriber in the beginning (I think Geddy was on the cover of #1), and then dropped my subscription.

I picked up the mag the other day after seeing the thread about homework (ironically, Geddy was on the cover again).

I'm thinking about dropping one of my other mag subscriptions and picking this one back up.

A stiffy somewhere in the city sewer system...
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I just resubscribed last week after not having it for about a year. I missed it. The BP editors and writers do a damn good job putting out a quality mag, one the best I know (as compared to Guitar World which is a hunk of crap). I also kinda have a collection going, dating as far back as '97. I'll probably be able to sell some of these off in maybe 10 years on EBay for some gas money, maybe not.
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