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Princeton reverb


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Well, the first thing I'd look to is an early Silverface Princeton Reverb. The '68 to '73 models likely are very very close, if not identical, to the blackface ones. Cost wise, they'll likely be 1/3 to 1/2 of the cost of a blackface.


Deluxe Reverb is gonna be similiar, but more costly.


The Harvard didn't have reverb, and will cost the same as the Princeton Reverb, most likely.


I'm a big fan of the blackface Champ. Of course, it's only 4 watts, and again, no reverb. You can get one fairly regularly on eBay for around $550 or so.


I've never played one, but the Super Champ is supposed to be really good. It's 18 watts, 1x10". I've not priced them lately on eBay, but the book says a "excellent" condition one will go for around $800 to $950.



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I just got a silverface Princeton last month and it is unbelievable. For me the Princeton covers all the bases. The reverb and tremolo are great. It sounds sweet at lower volumes and when you crank it, it has amazing overdriven tones. It's loud enough to cut through for most smaller gigs and I just mike it for larger places.



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I don't know about the Princeton Recording except for review in March 2007 issue of GP (do search for Princeton Recording on this site to view).

It is tube, but has solid state rectifier. Has onboard effects(compression,overdrive), power attenuator switch to adjust output and XLR line out for recording. Pretty decent review except for bulging attenuator switch. It's probably pretty good and similar in some ways. It sells for around $1000.


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One of my business partners has a silver face Princeton Reverb and it sounds fantastic! I've never played a black face one, but I don't think you would be disappointed with a silver face.

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