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Crossroads Progression


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My instructor wrote this up, but I think he was in a hurry and I don't want to practice it if its not right. Note that for the A7, he wants me to play the AAG riff.


Here is what he wrote:


A7 | D7 | A7 | A7

D7 | D7 | A7 | A7

E7 | D7 | A7 | A7


Let me know :) Thanks!

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The way we play it, which is supposedly the Cream version, it's just a I/IV/V 12 bar blues progression rocked up. Sometimes on the turnaround there's a 6minor (I think!) before the 4, but really that's just a bass guitar passing note I think.
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Ok, got that...now what if I want to play it with the riff?


AAGAGhACA...then do like the teach said and put the riff in on all the A7's?




You have the basic chord progression correct. My advice is to listen to the tune (slow it down if possible).


And... if that doesn't work... I do have the tab on a pdf file if you want it... though I never used it except for a measure here and there... but it looks accurate enough.

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