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OT - fingers


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That hurts to watch.


I've mentioned before how I came into one of my favorite guitar stores growing up, Gand Music & Sound, and noticed a picture of the guitar salesman with Allan Holdsworth at a clinic the previous week. They had their hands up against one another. Identical, long fingers. I made the guitar salesman put his hand up to mine. Their fingers are literally twice as long as mine.


This kid's fingers look even longer. But he ain't doing much with 'em. ;)

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I could care less about the fingers. The song itself isn't terribly interesting. I read a while back that System of a Down's guitarist loves Iron Maiden. He doesn't even seem remotely comparable to to those guys, sorry.


I dunno... I've heard better music using drop tunings. Even Kurt Cobain created better songs written in drop tunings. Hell, if this guy could play Dream Theater's rhythm guitar lines in "Home," I'd be sufficiently impressed (it's tuned to drop D).


EDIT: if this kid wanted some serious long finger inspiration, I'd suggest that he check out Buckethead. :)

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