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DVD - Youtube?

Phil W

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OK. How do you do it? I have some goofy camcorder stuff on DVD and was going to experiment with how it looked sounded on utube. I understand the utube end and that I will have to edit the movie. I don't understand how to get the bits of the dvd that I want and edit them in a acceptable format. I realise I will probably have to dowlaod some kind of file converter.


The DVD is full of a bunch of file named .bup, .vob and .ifo and I don't have a clue what's what. It's probably not worth it with these videos but I wanted top experiment with the process in acse there's something in the future worth posting.


Anyone been down that particular alley?

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It does play audio.. that program can take some time to get used to, but I've edited every video we've made using it, and more recently avidemux. When we record videos we have a camera with a built in mic record the video and really garbled audio. At the same time we record the live mix off the mixer and I later use either program to strip the audio stream from the video file and mux in the audio recorded from the mixer..


it works really well.


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