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My first song writing attempt

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Music would be 12 bar blues. Any constructive criticism or tips would be great.


-Cheap Whiskey Blues-


Woke up this mornin' , Lord it hurt to tie my shoes.


I been drinkin' all night, got those cheap whiskey blues.


My head wont stop-poundin' ,wish the pain would go away.


If could get thru this, I swear I'll never drink again.

And I said that before. (toss in line)



I got those cheap whiskey blues.

Got those cheap whiskey blues. (2 more x)

If I don't stop this, It ill be the death of me soon.


(this part is where the band stops after each line)


Headed to my driveway, to see if my car was there.

I was crossin my fingers, and sayin a prayer.

When I saw my ride, I was so relieved.

Said thank you Lord, you must be watchin' over me!


Repeat Chorus.


Its not finished yet, but I was just wanting a little input before I continued.....Thanks.

" Thoughts that pay homage to frustration will attract frustration. When you say or think theres nothing I can do,my life has spun out of control,and I'm trapped,thats what you will attract ".
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[Hmmm ... 7/21. Well, still worth a shot.]


It's not all that bad for a first attempt, really. We all have to start somewhere, right?


As far as blues songs, sure, not everyone is a Robert Johnson or a Stevie Ray Vaughan. That doesn't mean people shouldn't try to write blues songs.


If you're in a blues band it might be nice to have some originals instead of playing the same 10 covers every other blues band in town plays.


Now, having said that, consider how cliche the blues have become when Kraft macaroni has toddlers singing almost a parody about their "favorite" lunchtime meal. Even down to the formulaic "I got those blues".


Another blues about boozin'? Sure, why not? But to quote BNL, "It's all been done before".


Probably the best advice I can give is that you finish the song and move on. If at a later time you'd like to revise it, fine. But don't obsess over trying to make your first song a #1 hit. Finish it and let the chips fall where they may. Otherwise you'll still be trying to finish this one song for years.


And speaking from experience it's tough when all you have are unfinished songs. It's like owning a hundred guitars, but each of them is missing something so you can't play any of them. And there has to be a toll on your subconscious with all those loose ends.


So finish those cheap whiskey blues and move on to something else, like those cheap date blues. ;)


*keep writing!*

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