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inexpensive 61 keybord controller or synth


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I'm thinking of getting a keyboard controller for my piano module.

and was wondering if anybody knows of one that is......


1. not too heavy ( less than 25 lbs )


2. has water fall keys like a piano and has a nice feel , when

playing it (like a yamaha p60 , p120 )


3. has 61 keys


4. and is not too expensive ( less than 200.00 )


5. it also can be a synth that has sounds on it .


thanks in advance for your suggestions !!!

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A piano doesn't have waterfall keys, instead the keys on a piano have a little lip or edge that sticks out horizontally past the vertical "front" of the key. Not by much, but just enough.


Many synth keyboards have keys that are more like diving boards. Instead of a vertical front they angle back sharply, the angle is usually fairly acute.


Waterfall keys -- like you'd find on many organs -- have a slight rounding at the edge where the horizontal surface meets the vertical surface and that means no edge or lip to catch your fingers on as you slide up and down the keyboard.


I keep meaning to take some pics and start a wiki or something but I never get around to it. Maybe some else has links to some good pics that show the differences?


Finally, at that price point (assuming USD -- which isn't a safe assumption) you'd be looking at something used.





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