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crack in my fretboard


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At least it's better than having a fretboard in your crack! ;)


Sounds like a case of the dry winter blues.


Give it a good workout with some lemon oil...let it sit awhile...wipe it dry.


If the crack feel like it's too big...just dab some Elmer's wood glue on your finger and rub it into that crack (before you do the oil).

After it dries...do the oil to freshen up the whole fretboard.


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Just to show how messed up teenage minds are, my first thought on reading the title was that there was white powder or little rocks involved.


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There's a pretty involved technique where you can get ebony or rosewood colored dust, leech thin CA into it, and scrape the fretboard back flat again... ALL BEFORE YOU OIL IT. Once you get oil down into that crack....well, it will never disappear.


Take it to a qualified tech and have him look it over. I don't mean the typical "repair" guy at the local music store...but someone who knows what they are doing.


It's not really a big deal, except at resale time.

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Whenever I get crack in my fretboard, I squeeze a lemon until the juice runs down my leg. Then, I dust my broom.


A simple woodworking issue seems to have become decadant. :cool:



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