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O.T. The Long and Winding Road

Paul K

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Hoo-Boy. Bunch of lake effect snow in upstate NY made my drive home from the gig last night a 15 to 25 MPH, 90+ minute slog. Couldn't see the road. Pulled a couple of guys out of a ditch, found out after the fact that the driver was hammered. I'd have put him back into the ditch if I could have done so. Happy St. Patrick's Day!


About twice a year I say to myself, "Hmmm....Having a cell phone right now sure would be pretty cool...". Last night was one of them.


Hope your drive home was less eventful.


Paul K


Things are just the way they are, and they're only going to get worse.

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Drunk people on the road in Northern NY? Who'd have thunk it?! Honestly, having played in the North Country, it's far more common than people care to admit.


But I know the deal, having spent 4 LONG years way up north, dealing with the snow and gigs. That's never a fun time. But it's good to see someone acting like a good samaritan, helping someone else out. It's definitely good to know that you got home alright, even if it took you over an hour and a half.

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Here on Long Island, we didn't get any snow. But you'd be surprised how much trouble 4 inches of sleet can be. My son decided to go out Friday night. He was back 45 minutes later. Seems he moved his car a few feet, got stuck, and spent the remaining 43 minutes digging so he could re-park it.




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... you'd be surprised how much trouble 4 inches of sleet can be.


Ain't that the truth! I couldn't get through it even with a coal shovel. I was actually outside with an axe this morning trying to break up the ice on my gravel driveway.


I'm buying me a big-ass SUV. I'm not gonna drive it, just leave it running in the yard to do my part to speed along global warming. Screw it, I'm more than 200 feet above sea level. ;)



Push the button Frank.
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