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Bose PAS "Double Bass package" - Will it work?


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I've always had problems with my sound. Despite having top-notch keyboards, somehow the quality of sound live x studio monitors x headphones seem to vary wayyy too much.


Currently i'm using a pair of powered Tannoy Reveal monitors + Bassin my studio, and a pair of Fender PA speakers, amped by a NSX 600W amp when going live.


Here's what I would need - considering that most of the times I play solo, and for small venues BUT sometimes i play with a pop/rock cover band. i would like to have the same studio setup in a portable configuration that i could use both in the studio and live. Enter the Bose PAS "Double Bass Package", comprised of a couple of L1's, a couple of PS1's, and four B1's.


If my understanding is correct, this system would allow for both monitoring and main sound source for the audience, without any other amplification needed? I need a good stereo image, so i think having a pair of L1's is a must? Will it also work well in the studio? Will it allow me to do a good mix? I use keyboards, one mic and a drum machine while live solo, plus a couple guitars and bass when with the band. Will this be suitable for me?

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