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Any Diffrent?


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Hey guitarplayer 92, and welcome to the Forum




A fuzz face, or any distortion pedal for that matter, may sound very different thru different amps. It may sound very different thru two different tube amps. Some tube amps further distort the distortion pedal, which can make things sound "muddled". For that matter, it may help! It all depends on the individual pedal and amp.


I've used a Univibe and a Fuzz Face thru a reissue Marshall JCM 800, and it sounded very "Hendrix-ish"....I don't much like my Fuzz Face, and really never use it unless I'm doing the "Hendrix" thing. I literally never use it otherwise.


Good Luck!



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Originally posted by guitarplayer92:

Would a fender super-sonic amp head be a good tube amp?

Welcome aboard! :thu:



Highly regarded, well made. What other amps are you considering?

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