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In guitar speak, what does GAS mean?


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Finally, hallelujah, I'm starting to get enough ahead of the game to actually acquire some new gear without charging it all on the credit card and paying half again as much in interest!


My dad (rest his soul) probably had the worst case I ever saw in anyone who is not a rock star, except in his case it was mostly horns and woodwinds and violins and violas and cellos and a piano and an organ....... a couple of cheap guitars in the mix somewhere and mandolins... no sitars or synths I don't think, but come to think of it, I'm not TOTALLY sure!!


He DID have the good taste to give some of them to ME from time to time, so I sure can't complain!

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Guess I have GAS and didn't know it!!! I was looking at some amps at Guitar Center yesterday. They sent me a flyer that had an offer for a crate amp XT65R and a free guitar. You got to choose between a Squire Bullet or an Epiphone that looked like a gibson. I tried out the Epiphone since I have a Squire Affinity the Epi sucked!!! I'm not a good guitar player yet but Jimmy Page wouldn't sound good on that thing. Anyway I may still go get the Crate and maybe sell the guitar. I also looked at a Line 6 and a Marshall. My buddy went with me and he's a huge Marshall man so you know he was pushing for the Marshall. I really liked the Line 6 it had a lot of bells and whistles on it but I'm not sure which one I'm leaning to.
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