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Help getting a concert DVD


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Crossroads Festival- Must Have DVD for any guitarist. So many great performances on this one. Something for everybody of almost any style, but heavy on the blues.


"How the West was Won"- Zep is pretty good, inconsistent tones and performances, but some really good improvisations when they are on.


"In the Flesh"- Roger Waters, I was surprised at this one. I'm not a huge Floyd fan but this one had some really good material on it.


The "G3" DVDs are good, I have the first two.


Pat Metheny has at least 3. I really think the "Speaking of Now" is the best, I didn't like the album so much but live its great.


If you really want to spurge (close to $200), get "Ken Burn's Jazz" series documentary. Its very entertaining as well as informative. Even if you aren't a big jazz fan, you will learn alot about the stories and traditions of America's great art form.

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The Concert for George is really good, and very moving...


The Roy Orbison one, what was it called -- Black and White Night or something like that -- really good too.


I think Peter Gabriel's Secret World Live and Growing Up Live are both fantastic.


The King Crimson ones Deja Vrooom, Eyes Wide Open, and Neal and Jack and Me (which combines two earlier VHS releases, Three of a Perfect Pair: Live in Japan 1984 and The Noise: Live in Frejus 1982 are among my personal favorites...

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The Kids Are Alright....The Who

Irish Tour.....Rory Gallagher

Living Out Of Time....Robin Trower

The Concert For Bangladesh...Geo. Harrison & Friends

Live At Donnington....AC/DC

Stop Making Sense....Talking Heads

Unplugged.....Eric Clapton

Rush in Rio.....Rush

Oh, and did I say Irish Tour...Rory Gallagher!!!





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Geez... I forgot all about this thread.


Well guys... when I went to Borders, I really didn't see anything I liked so I got Season 4 of Star Trek: The Next Generation instead (and Clifford the Big Red Dog for my son).


Yes... I'm a dork! :D

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three Queen DVDs - Live At Wembley, On Fire At The Bowl, and the recent Queen + Paul Rodgers tour video Return Of The Champions.


the Strat Pack concert.


concur with The Last Waltz, particularly the commentary with Robbie Robertson and Martin Scorcese.


Rush In Rio.

"I used to be "with it", but then they changed what "it" was! Now what I'm with isn't "it", and what is "it" is weird and scary to me. IT'LL HAPPEN TO YOU!" - Grampa Simpson
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